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Kaidan - A Japanese Ghost Story

AU Panfandom RPG

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Name:Kaidan - A Japanese Ghost Story
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Community description:AU Panfandom Roleplaying Game

Welcome, traveler, to the Hojo region of Japan. It is the Warring States Period, and the battle for land is still raging heavily throughout the country. The ground is nourished by blood rather than rain these days, and the amount of death and negative emotions are awakening the magic of the Aokigahara forest at the base of Mount Fuji. Youkai, oni and other fairytale spirits have been spotted hiding among the trees. Watching. Waiting.

That is, until the flames of Edo blocked out the top of the sacred mountain. Leaving the forest, the youkai now wander among men, either attempting to help them or destroy them completely. Giving out sacred scrolls to those deemed worthy of it, it seems like the youkai themselves have decided to pick sides. This, however, is not appreciated by everyone, and many believe that the dangerous spirits should never be trusted...

Do you trust them?
...or would you rather fight alone?

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